Štítky: ženské peňaženky luxusný, držiteľa karty secrid, 1980 retro karty id držiteľov, mk wristlet peňaženky, peňaženka wristlet, taliansky peňaženky, slim peňaženky žena, peňaženka ženy, kabelku ženy, kabelka červená.

€5.66 €10.30
  • Skladom
  • m1276

  • Položka Druh: peňaženky
  • Názov Značky: mesto svetlo
  • Vzor Typ: Pevné
  • Položka Šírka: 0.5cm
  • Peňaženky: Štandardné Peňaženky
  • Dekorácie: ŽIADNE
  • Pohlavie: ŽENY
  • Obkladový Materiál: Polyester
  • Populárne Prvky: Bambulka
  • Položka Dĺžka: 21cm
  • Uzavretie Typ: na zips
  • Vnútorná štruktúra: Bankovky
  • Materiálové Zloženie: PU
  • Uzavretá cesta: na zips
  • Číslo Modelu: T9054
  • farba klasifikácia: Ružová, Červená, Fialová, Šedá, Modrá, Čierna
  • Peňaženka Dĺžka: dlhé
  • Zložiť číslo: 1 zložiť
  • Štýl: dlho peňaženky
  • Položka Výška: 11cm
  • materiálové inžinierstvo: mäkké pokrytie
  • Hlavný Materiál: PU
  • Položka Hmotnosť: 110g
  • Interiér: Držiteľa Karty

Gives the impression that smaller than in the photo. A little disappointed, otherwise good quality.
Parcels of different sellers collected in China in 1 package and sent, upon receipt nominally numbered and this, but in fact she was not there! Goods is not received! The dispute was opened, the money will not be returned, the goods no, because Total package received? It is obtained, it is listed, it means there is, but whether it is actually, no one cares. Conclusion: upon receipt without opening on the scales and checking the weight of the parcel on the weights and weight, specified in the Chinese sticker, we shoot on video unpacking of goods! Otherwise, it seems not to prove that they did not put it. On the goods as and that I can not say anything, because. Did not receive, the seller-not contact, the report came and everything, there's nothing wrong with that. Those support Ali-Thanks for wasting time in empty and unnecessary proof, what does not work normally! From our mail bribes smooth-the package is completed in China and taakim and came, neither they collected it. From here, the assessment is what it is, I can not evaluate for more, you know. I do not recommend this store and seller.

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